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I’ve always been very aware of my weight and body shape as I began performing as a professional dancer as a teenager. During my 16 year performing career, I had various forms of weekly and/or monthly check-ins for weight management – weekly weigh-ins and monthly body fat checks were routine in many of my contracts.

For me, I usually did not have to be concerned with weigh-ins as I was dancing all the time. Thus, I was getting paid for my cardio (fat burning workouts), which equated to no less than 8 hours of my day. It was more than easy to stay in shape and be happy with my body and weight when it was my full time job.

Along came my 30′s ….

When I reached my 30′s and decided to transition into Corporate America AKA a desk job, everything changed quickly. I was no longer getting paid to dance or workout and finding time to fit a workout in my daily routine became a balancing act I didn’t know how to handle. My body was accustomed to 8 or more hours a day of cardio and now it was only getting 20-45 minutes, but my appetite wasn’t decreasing. To add to it, I was sitting at a desk, exhausted from the 10+ hour days, drinking coffee and eating food that was convenient, rather than healthy.

My guess is this scenario sounds familiar to many of you:

- slowing metabolism with age
- working long hours without physical activity
- too tired to workout
- too many caffeinated beverages
- convenient and cheap food vs. healthy food

I started the yo-yo process of trying every diet out there and failed!

The low-carb diets left me unfulfilled, hangry (hungry and angry), and as soon as I began eating carbohydrates again, I regained any weight I’d lost. Sure, this is a great trick for losing a few pounds quickly, but for me, it was unsustainable.

I tried soup diets that left me starving, the lemonade diet that I bailed out of after 2-days, calorie controlled food delivery services that I could not afford to maintain, and various other methods of eating that either left my bank account or my stomach empty while my thighs were still full.

I was frustrated and tired from trying to find a healthy, satisfying, and sustainable weight loss program.

But I didn’t give up looking…

I read about Beachbody and their programs and watched several videos (infomercials), read others’ blogs, and weighed others’ results from each program.

Having tried so many other programs and failing, I did my due diligence in researching Beachbody products BEFORE I spent any time on what may have been another failed attempt at finding a rapid and permanent solution. I decided the 21-Day Fix was for me, but still did more research on the program and Beachbody as a company.

The 21-Day Fix was just being introduced into the market and hadn’t been sold yet to Beachbody customers . Since there were so many great reviews on all their other programs (T25, P90X, Insanity, Ultimate Reset) and I knew that I also wanted (needed) help planning my diet, I felt confident choosing to be in the first group of customers purchasing this program.

The next thing I learned is that this is NOT a diet, but a sustainable lifestyle change that is EASY to manage (insert a check mark – another thing I was looking for).

My final piece of research before deciding to order 21-Day Fix showed that it isn’t a fad diet. It isn’t just for the 21 days as in the name -that’s the allotted time to “lose up to 15 pounds”, but it’s so healthy it’s the way one should always eat. It’s specific, yet easy to follow, contains no calorie counting (if it fits into the containers that come with the program, you can eat it!), teaches you about foods that should be the bulk of your diet, allows for coffee, wine, and chocolate (super important to me) and it’s healthy!

I personally love that I’m not restricted, don’t have to count calories, don’t have to live off a liquid diet and that I’m not confined to low or no carbs. Again, I already know those things don’t work for me, so I welcomed the new method and embraced it completely.

What exactly is 21-Day Fix?

21 Day Fix is a nutrition and fitness program that makes losing weight so simple, anyone can do it. Easy-to-follow portion control and 30-minute workouts take the guesswork out of losing weight to help you see results fast—up to 15 pounds in just 21 days!

Whether you want to lose a few pounds before your next vacation or jump-start a bigger weight-loss goal, 21 Day Fix is the program for you. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it works. If you’re ready to get serious, 21 Day Fix can help you lose the weight.

Here are some of items that were on my grocery list*:

- avocado

- steak

- ground turkey

- chicken

- healthy grains (brown rice, quinoa, steel oats)

- nuts

- fruit

-dark chocolate

-almond butter

-fresh vegetables


-whole wheat waffles

*You can view my weekly grocery list here

My results after Week 1:

At the end of my first week, I did not have any crazy, dramatic weight loss to report. In fact, I only lost 3lbs. The thing that I was most excited about was that I was not craving anything. I wasn’t waiting for a cheat day. I didn’t want to sneak a cookie and then lie to my food journal or myself and pretend I didn’t eat it. I simply didn’t want anything I hadn’t already been allowed to have on my program. The Shakeology quickly became my favorite meal of the day because it tastes like a chocolate milkshake (I use chocolate Shakeology, half a banana, 1 tsp of almond butter, water, and ice) and it gives me tons of energy, and reduced my cravings for other sweets.

My results after 21 Days:

After 21 days, not only was I not having to concentrate on what I should and should not be eating (it’s really easy once you know), but I lost 10lbs and couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I had energy and no longer craved the Diet Coke I lived off of for years (before “the fix” I drank 4-5 cans a day). I felt awake! For anyone that was like me previously, you know what it’s like to always feel tired and constantly need caffeine. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to not require more than my morning ‘cup of Joe’ which is as much habit as it is a need. I have defined abs, you can check out my before/after photo below – and they weren’t there 21 days before. In fact, I haven’t seen my abs since my 20′s until now! Another great thing that happened was the improvement of my skin. I didn’t really think I had much to improve on as I didn’t have an acne problem, however my complexion became brighter and people kept commenting on how “refreshed” and “glowy” I looked. I credit that to eating real food and all the vitamins and nutrients in Shakeology. As for the workouts, they are only 30 minutes, but they are tough! You have to commit to the 30 minutes per day if you want to see big results. The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn, so do yourself a favor and commit to the 30 minutes a day. Plan your times to workout, plan your time each week to prepare your food.

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” -Unknown

Sustainable/On-going Results:

I’ve lost 11lbs total (am a size 2) and am stoked at the way my body looks and feels. I don’t have any cravings for foods I can’t have and I feel comfortable in my clothes again. I have ab definition and I still eat a piece of chocolate or have a glass of wine as needed (it’s permitted which is why this plan is sustainable)! I’ve shared my new knowledge with many friends and family members who have lost far more weight than I have, however needed to lose more weight as well. I’m happy about my body, energetic, and not only do I feel great, but apparently, I’m “glowy”. I’ve forever changed the way I eat, following the plan provided in the 21-day Fix, most days out of the month with 2 or 3 cheat days for brunches and/or holidays. I’ve completed several other Beachbody workouts (T25, Insanity, Slim in 6, and am currently doing P90X3). Keep visiting to watch my continued progress.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Ryun

How can you lose up to 15lbs in 21 days?

It’s easy. It really is. If I can do it, so can you AND I’ll help you the entire way! Here are the very simple steps to get you started:

1. Order your 21-Day Fix Ultimate Pack and your favorite flavor of Shakeology

2. Prepare – plan your meals in advance. I make everything for the entire week on Sunday in less than 3 hours for a grab-n-go week. The 21-Day Fix lays it out, but you can get additional help and recipes from me here.

I’ll help you the entire way!

With Beachbody’s money back guarantee (if you don’t see results when you follow the program, you get your money refunded), you can feel confident in your decision to get started today! Click here!



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